About energetic flow

Energetic flow is run by Patricia van Gerwen (energetic coach) since 2015. She supports and facilitates you with creating more awareness and more space in your head, body and life. Through the years she learned several techniques she can apply. Starting with her coaching education, followed by different trainings and educations in the area of energetic support, body processes, healing and alternative therapy.

Energetic coaching & more

If you know you want to change something but you have no clue where to start, I can support you and guide you through your quest.

I don't just listen to your story, I simultaneously listen to your energy. What does your energy tell me that you didn't acknowledge yet? I analyse the situation using my awareness and clear-knowing to discover what we can do each session to help you move forward in the appropriate way.


This is what I can offer you:

  • A serie of sessions during 4 to 6 months or
  • A training to teach you techniques I love to use myself or
  • 1-to-1 sessions

Some of the methods I use in addition to coaching are:

  • Sanmeigaku character analysis
  • Energywork such as: Merkaba healing, several Access Consciousness® techniques (i.e. Access Bars® to create space in your head, Access Body Process® to facilitate your body to let go of beliefs or discomfort, ESSE® for relief of pain on molecule level)
  • Transform beliefs in the sub-conscious mind (PSYCH-K®) so you can live your full potential (the favorite technique of the famous dr. Bruce Lipton)


Everybody is born with their own blueprint. But unfortunately we don’t know what it looks like. Patricia can create a birth analysis for you, describing your character. It’s called Sanmeigaku. It’s a method that’s been used for thousands of years in the Asian science.

Lots and lots of Asian companies still use the Sanmeigaku to create the best possible teams.


  • per person EUR 95,00


Did you know healing has been normal for ages and ages and we just FORGOT to keep using it? When a kid bumps its head, our first reaction is to place a hand on it or maybe a little kiss? With that action we want to send loving and caring energy to the child to comfort it.

That's the core business of healing: sending energy to contribute to quicker healing. Patricia applies Merkaba healing (level 4), using a very high level of pure and loving energy. It supports and speeds up the healing process of the body, mind or soul.

  • per session EUR 40,00

Access Consciousness®

In the last couple of years Patricia took a number of courses and trainings of Access Consciousness® all over the world.

The tools and techniques are very strong and effective. You can take a look at available sessions and the courses Patricia is licensed to facilitate.

  • Access Bars®, per session EUR 80,00
  • Access Energetic Facelift®, per session EUR 50,00
  • Access Bodyprocess®, per session EUR 50,00
  • Access ESSE®, per session EUR 50,00
  • Access Bars® class, 1rst time EUR 300,00

You can also schedule a combination session which combines an Access session with healing.


If you want to know more about an Access Consciousness® session, please contact me here or just give me a call (+316-14760540).

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Patricia van Gerwen

energetic flow

Provincialeweg 44

5503 HG  Veldhoven

Email: info@energeticflow.nl

Telephone: +31(0)6/14760540

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